Cisco 4305G User Manual

Page 24

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In the DMM Appliance IP Address field, enter the
routable IP address or DNS-resolvable hostname of
the trustworthy DMM appliance.

The DMM Appliance IP Address field might
already be populated with the correct IP address
for your DMM appliance if you used DMM-DSM
to autodiscover your new DMP.


To confirm your selections and to implement them
until you change them or until you restart your DMP,
click Apply.


To make these configuration changes persist even
after you restart your DMP, do the following:

Select Administration > Save Configuration.

On the Save Configuration page, click Save.


DMM-DSM and your DMP communicate over TCP
port 7777 when centralized management is enabled.

Step 2

Throughout your digital signage network, confirm that
your centrally managed DMPs all share:

Identical user credentials for their DMP
Web Account.

Identical user credentials for their DMP
Service Account.