Cisco 4305G User Manual

Page 16

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DMP Service Account is a user account with FTP login
privileges. (The DMP Service Account account is available only
when the FTP service is enabled on a DMP.)

Alternatively, if you have many DMPs and will manage them
centrally, you can use the fully licensed DMM-DSM software on
your DMM appliance to change both of these passwords
globally for all of the DMPs that you have added to a DMP
group. Before you can use DMM-DSM in this way, however,
you must first complete the

“Setting Up Centralized

Management” section on page 23

for each of your centrally

managed DMPs.


When you use DMM-DSM to change a password on
your DMP, the text string that you enter in DMM-DSM
must use the correct syntax for URI encoding. The
syntax in URI encoding for submitting a string requires
that you enter a plus sign (+) instead of a space
wherever the value for a queryable object should
contain a space. For example, if the queryable object is
“user” and its value is “John Smith,” you would enter
“user=John+Smith” in your string. If any values in the
string should contain an actual plus sign, you must
encode the plus sign explicitly as %2B.

Exclamation points (!), question marks (?), ampersands
(&), and asterisks (*) are forbidden in values.