Cisco 4305G User Manual

Page 19

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made to credentials will prevent your trusted DMM
appliance temporarily from communicating with your
DMPs. To restore proper communication, you must
now repeat Step 3 in the

“Setting Up Centralized

Management” section on page 23.

Step 5

To change the DMP Service Account password on one
DMP by using DMPDM, select Administration > DMP
Service Account
. Enter your new password in the
Password field, enter it again in the Repeat Password
field, then click Apply. Next, select Administration >
Save Configuration
, then click Save.

If you prefer, you can use DMM-DSM to change the
password simultaneously on multiple DMPs in your
digital signage network:


Select Digital Media Players > Advanced Tasks >
System Tasks
, then click the blank page icon to create
a new system task.


Enter a name and description for the new task, then
select Set from the Request Type list.


In the Request text box, use the correct syntax for
URI encoding and enter
where new_password is exactly the password that
you want to assign to the DMP Service Account user.