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Configuring Video Output

Step 1

In the Settings area, click DMP Display Attributes.

The display autodetection feature is enabled by default.
If you are satisfied with the selections and entries that
DMPDM made for you, you are done with this section
and you can go now to the

“Setting Up Centralized

Management” section on page 23


Otherwise, if you are not satisfied, do the following:


From the DMP Display Autodetection (requires
HDMI) list, select Disable.


From the Display Standard list, select the standard
that applies in your country. For example, even
though our factory default selection is NTSC_M,
your country might use PAL instead.


From the Interface (DMP display output) list, select
the connector type and signal type that you are using.
For example, you might use SVIDEO.

If you do not know which options to select, see the
manufacturer documentation for your DMP display.

Step 2

From the Color Space list, select the absolute color
space that your DMP display uses.