Cisco 4305G User Manual

Page 22

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Step 3

If you selected RGB as the color space, select an option
from the Color Component Order list to define the
order in which to store red, green, and blue data. This
definition is sometimes called the left-to-right additive
color model.

Step 4

(Optional) Move any or all of the sliders to compensate
for DMP display deficiencies in video (brightness,
contrast, or saturation) or audio (channel volume).

Step 5

To confirm your selections and to implement them until
you change them or until you restart your DMP,
click Apply.

Step 6

To test if your selections are suitable ones for your
DMP display, click Show IP in the DMP Mode area.

Your DMP display should show a Cisco logo and
should show the IP address for your DMP.

Step 7

To make your configuration changes permanent, even
after you restart your DMP, do the following:


Select Administration > Save Configuration.


On the Save Configuration page, click Save.