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Participating in a DHCP Network

The factory default for a DMP 4305G is to obtain its IP address
automatically from a DHCP server.

If you will deploy your DMP at a physical location that does not
have a DHCP server and you must configure your DMP to use
a static IP address, complete the “Preconfiguring Your DMP To
Run Without a Local DHCP Server” procedure in the user guide
on Cisco.com for the version of DMPDM that you use:




If a network security policy restricts DHCP address
assignments to network interface cards with known
MAC addresses, read the sticker that is affixed to the
bottom of your DMP chassis, then provide your
security policy administrator with the MAC address.

Step 1

Plug one end of an ordinary Ethernet cable into the
Ethernet 10/100 port on the back of the DMP chassis.

1. Ambient.
2. Noncondensing; ambient.
3. Above sea level.