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Page 11: Preparing the sap environment, Creating or editing a content repository protocol, Chapter 2

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Kofax Export Connector for ERP Installation Guide


Chapter 2

Planning Your Installation

Plan your installation to ensure that your deployment proceeds efficiently and your sites meet

the needs of your company.

Verifying DNS Names

Make sure that the system recognizes the DNS names for the SAP system and Content Server

by pinging the servers to verify that the DNS names can be resolved. If pinging does not

verify the names, add the names to your local hosts file.

Registering Fax File Extension

To release images in TIFF format, register the Fax file extension:

1 On the SAP system, rename any TIFF file with a fax extension. For example, rename

test.tiff to test.fax.

2 Right-click the file name and select Open With > Choose Default Program.
3 Select the default program to open Fax files.

Preparing the SAP Environment

Before you install KEC-ERP, prepare the SAP server.

Creating or Editing a Content Repository Protocol

1 Log in to SAP as Administrator.
2 Enter transaction code OAA3.
3 Either create a protocol from an existing protocol or edit a protocol:

▪ To create a protocol, select the protocol SAPHTTP and click the Copy icon.
▪ To edit a protocol, select the protocol and click the Open icon.

4 Enter the protocol name, for example, SAPHTTPD.
5 Enter version 0046.
6 Enter a description.
7 Click Save.