Uninstalling, Removing references to kec-erp, Removing registration – Kofax Export Connector for ERP 2.4.9 User Manual

Page 27: Running the setup wizard to remove kec-erp, Appendix a

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Kofax Export Connector for ERP Installation Guide


Appendix A


Before you uninstall KEC-ERP, ensure that no batches use the export connector. Check each

document class in each batch individually.

Removing References to KEC-ERP

1 Verify that you have a working SAP connection.
2 From the Kofax Capture Administration Module, navigate to the Batch tab and expand

the <batch class>.

3 Right-click the <document class> and select Release Scripts or Export Connectors.

The configuration window opens.

4 If Kofax Export Connector - ERP appears in the Assigned Scripts column, select the

Kofax Export Connector-ERP and click Remove.
The system moves the Kofax Export Connector - ERP to the Available column.

5 Repeat these steps for each document class that used KEC-ERP.

Removing Registration

If no batch classes use KEC-ERP, remove KEC-ERP from the list of available export


1 Access theRelease Script Manager window:

▪ For Kofax Capture 9.x, select Tools > Release Script Manager.
▪ For Kofax Capture 10.x, select Tools > Export Connectors.

2 Right-click the Kofax Export Connector - ERP script and select Remove.
3 Close the window.

Running the Setup Wizard to Remove KEC-ERP

1 Launch the file KofaxExportConnector-x.x.x_for_ERP.msi where x.x.x is the current

release number.
The Welcome window opens.

2 Select Remove Kofax Export Connector - ERP and click Finish.

The system displays a progress bar.

3 When the system displays a success message, click Close.