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Kofax Export Connector for ERP Installation Guide


Chapter 3

Installing Kofax Export Connector for


This chapter provides instructions for installing Kofax Export Connector for ERP (KEC-ERP).

Installation takes approximately 10 minutes.

Before you start, verify that you have a working SAP connection.

Note The graphics used in this document may differ from what appears on your system.

Running the Setup Wizard

1 Launch KofaxExportConnector-x.x.x_for_ERP.msi where x.x.x is the current release

number. Contact your Kofax representative if you do not have a copy of this file.

Note The system checks the version of .NET. If the supported version of .NET is not

installed, an error message appears. Click Yes to get the required version.

The Welcome window opens.

2 Click Next.

The system prompts you to confirm the installation.

3 Click Next to continue.

The system displays a progress bar.

4 If your SAP release is SAP Netweaver 7.0 or higher, enter the SLD username, password,

host and port number and click Register.

5 When the system displays the Installation Complete window, click Close.

Registering KEC-ERP

1 Open the Kofax Capture Administration Module and login as Administrator.
2 Access theRelease Script Manager window:

▪ For Kofax Capture 8.x and 9.x, select Tools > Release Script Manager.
▪ For Kofax Capture 10.x, select Tools > Export Connectors.