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Kofax Export Connector for ERP Installation Guide



This guide provides information about installing and upgrading KEC-ERP, operating

requirements and pre-installation information.

User Interface Notes

The user interface and access paths in this guide may differ from those in your environment.

The terms Export Connector and Release Script appear interchangeably. What appears

depends on the version of Kofax Capture that you have installed. However, the installation

and configuration steps are identical.

Note The graphics used in this document may differ from what appears on your system.

Who Should Read This Guide

To use this guide, you should have a thorough understanding of:
▪ Windows standards, applications and interfaces
▪ Kofax Capture
▪ SAP and its functioning with external DMS (only for those planning to customize SAP.)

Use this guide if you are a system administrator or a developer who is installing Kofax Export

Connector for ERP.

Related Documentation

For more information, see:

Kofax Export Connector for ERP Features Guide
This guide introduces the release scenarios available with KEC-ERP and describes basic

concepts about the relationship between Kofax Capture, KEC-ERP, and SAP.

Kofax Export Connector for ERP Administrator's Guide
This guide provides information about how to customize SAP and Kofax Capture to

support the available scenarios. The guide describes how to use generic features to add

additional transactions.

Kofax Export Connector for ERP Release Notes
This document describes the latest release of KEC-ERP, identifies outstanding defects and

work-around solutions (where applicable), and lists the defects the release fixes.