Kofax Export Connector for ERP 2.4.9 User Manual

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Installing Kofax Export Connector for ERP


Kofax Export Connector for ERP Installation Guide

3 Click Add and navigate to Kofax Export Connector - ERP.

The Add Release Scripts window opens.


4 Select Kofax Export Connector - ERP and click Install.

The system displays a Registration Complete message.

5 Click OK to continue and close the open windows.

KEC-ERP is now ready to use.

Checking the Export Connector and Transport Versions

1 From the Kofax Capture Administration Module, navigate to the Batch tab.
2 Expand the <batch class>.
3 Right-click the <document class> and select Release Scripts or Export Connectors.

The configuration window opens.

4 In the Assigned column, select Kofax Export Connector-ERP and click Setup.

The Kofax Export Connector - ERP window opens.

5 Select the Version tab.