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Kofax Export Connector for ERP Installation Guide


Chapter 1

Before You Start

The installation package includes:
▪ KofaxExportConnector-x.x.x_for_ERP.msi where x.x.x is the current release number. This

file includes sample batch classes for the default scenarios and sample images. Contact

your Kofax representative for a copy of this file.

▪ SAP Transport Files
▪ User documentation

System Requirements

Kofax Export Connector for ERP (KEC-ERP) requires:
▪ Kofax Capture 9.x or later

Note Ascent Capture 7.x and Kofax Capture 8.x or earlier are NOT supported.

▪ SAP ERP (ECC6.0, R/3 4.6, R/3 4.7 or later) Unicode or 64-bit
▪ All ArchiveLink 4.5-certified content servers.
▪ Document Management System: an ArchiveLink 4.5-certified content server.
▪ Internet Explorer 7.0 or later
▪ .NET Framework version 2.0.50727 or later. See the Microsoft download site for details.
▪ A KEC-ERP license. For information about obtaining a dongle or license key, contact your

Kofax project manager.

▪ A properly configured IDES.
▪ Administrative privileges on the local computer where KEC-ERP is being installed.

SAP User Types

KEC-ERP connects to SAP with an authorized SAP user.


If you have an earlier version of KEC-ERP or Ascent, follow the instructions in



uninstall the earlier version before you install.