Kofax Export Connector for ERP 2.4.9 User Manual

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Importing the KEC-ERP SAP Transport Files


Kofax Export Connector for ERP Installation Guide

▪ Overwrite Objects in Unconfirmed Repairs
▪ Ignore Predecessor Relations
▪ Ignore Invalid Component Version

13 Click Continue (green arrow) or press Enter, and click Yes at the prompt to start the


14 To verify that the transport was imported without error:

a Refresh the import queue to check the status of the import. When the status changes

to a yellow triangle, the import is completed.

b Select the transport request and click the Logs icon (Ctrl-F4).

c Verify that the log contains no errors.

15 To view the object list, double-click the queue entry.
16 Repeat this procedure until you load all of the transport files.