5 connecting to a 100v-240v ac socket, Connecting to a 100v–240v ac socket – Cisco 4400G User Manual

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If you will connect your DMP to an analog display,
do all of the following:

Plug one yellow jack on the RCA video cable
into the CVBS interface on your DMP.

Plug the 3mm jack on the RCA audio cable
into the AUDIO interface on your DMP.

Step 2

Connect the other end of the cable (or cables) to the
corresponding interface (or interfaces) on your
DMP display.

Step 3

If the DMP display is not already turned on, turn it
on now.


Connecting to a 100V–240V

AC Socket


Use only the supplied power cable and adapter.

Step 1

Connect the DMP power cable to the AC adapter.

Step 2

Connect the DC barrel connector to the 12V DC power
supply on the DMP chassis.