4 connecting to a dmp display, Connecting to a dmp display – Cisco 4400G User Manual

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Step 1

Plug one end of an ordinary Ethernet cable into the
Ethernet 10/100 port on the back of the DMP chassis.

Step 2

Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into a network
hub, network switch, or router that participates in a
DHCP network.


Connecting to a DMP Display

We recommend that you use a digital display, not analog. For
the type of digital display, we recommend LCD, not plasma.

Digital signage uses static images more often than it uses
full-motion video. Most often, content is web-based or
animated in Flash. The nature of these media types means that
some pixels are not updated frequently in digital signage. Given
that LCDs are less susceptible to burn-in than plasma displays
are, LCD displays are the superior choice for digital signage.

Even though image persistence is sometimes a problem on LCD
displays, it is almost always self-correcting and is unlikely to
occur if you follow manufacturer guidelines for managing your
displays correctly.