Cisco 4400G User Manual

Page 16

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string should contain an actual plus sign, you must
encode the plus sign explicitly as %2B.

Exclamation points (!), question marks (?), ampersands
(&), and asterisks (*) are forbidden in values.

To understand URI encoding and its recommended
syntax for submitting query strings, see RFC 1630 at


Step 4

To change the DMP Web Account password on one
DMP by using DMPDM, select Administration > DMP
Web Account
. Enter your new password in the
Password field, enter it again in the Repeat Password
field, then click Apply. Next, select Administration >
Save Configuration
, then click Save.

Alternatively, you can use DMM-DSM to change the
password simultaneously on multiple DMPs in your
digital signage network:


Select Digital Media Players > Advanced Tasks >
System Tasks
, then click the blank page icon to create
a new system task.


Enter a name and description for the new task, then
select Set from the Request Type list.