Cisco 4400G User Manual

Page 15

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If you have very few DMPs and will manage each of them in
isolation, you can change their DMP Web Account and DMP
Service Account passwords manually in DMPDM.

You use the Web Service Account when you log in to DMPDM
itself, and the DMP Service Account is a user account with FTP
login privileges. The DMP Service Account account is available
only when the FTP service is enabled on a DMP.

Alternatively, if you have many DMPs and will manage them
centrally, you can use the fully licensed DMM-DSM software on
your DMM appliance to change both of these passwords
globally for all of the DMPs that you have added to a DMP
group. Before you can use DMM-DSM in this way, however,
you must first complete the

“Setting Up Centralized

Management” section on page 22

for each of your centrally

managed DMPs.


When you use DMM-DSM to change a password on
your DMP, the text string that you enter in DMM-DSM
must use the correct syntax for URI encoding. The
syntax in URI encoding for submitting a string requires
that you enter a plus sign (+) instead of a space
wherever the value for a queryable object should
contain a space. For example, if the queryable object is
“user” and its value is “John Smith,” you would enter
“user=John+Smith” in your string. If any values in the