Cisco 4400G User Manual

Page 23

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To stop untrusted DMM appliances from being
able to seize control of your DMPs, you must
configure your network firewall to restrict which
devices you will permit to send inbound traffic to
your DMP over TCP port 7777. If you do not
know how to work with access control lists, see the
manufacturer documentation for your firewall.

Step 1

Specify in DMPDM which one DMM appliance
to trust.


Select Settings > Centralized Management.


In the DMM-DSM Server Timeout (in seconds) field,
enter the maximum number of seconds that your
DMP should wait for a response from the trusted
DMM appliance. (This is the appliance that serves


In the DMM Appliance IP Address field, enter the
routable IP address or DNS-resolvable hostname of
the trustworthy DMM appliance.

The DMM Appliance IP Address field might
already be populated with the correct IP address
for your DMM appliance if you used DMM-DSM
to autodiscover your new DMP.