8 configuring video output, Configuring video output – Cisco 4400G User Manual

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Select the check box for each DMP where
the DMP Service Account password
should change.

Select from the Select an Event Type list the
system task that you named in Step 5b.

Alternatively, users of DMM-DSM 4.1.x

should select this task from the Actions list.


Click Submit. (

Alternatively, users of

DMM-DSM 4.1.x should click Go.



Configuring Video Output

Step 1

In the Settings area, click DMP Display Attributes.

The display autodetection feature is enabled by default.
If you are satisfied with the selections and entries that
DMPDM made for you, you are done with this section
and you can go now to the

“Setting Up Centralized

Management” section on page 22