Cisco 4400G User Manual

Page 9

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You can use displays from any manufacturer, as long as your
displays comply with all of the relevant international standards.
If NEC is your preferred manufacturer for LCD displays, we
recommend these NEC models:

32" — MultiSync® LCD3210

40" — Either of these:

MultiSync® LCD4010

MultiSync® LCD4020

46" — MultiSync® LCD4610

57" — MultiSync® LCD5710

The maximum supported length for a video cable is:

10 feet — Composite/RCA and S-Video

16 feet — HDMI

To attach a digital display to your DMP, we recommend that
you use the provided HDMI cable for video and audio.
However, to attach any of the recommended NEC display
models to your DMP, you must combine the HDMI cable with
an HDMI-to-DVI adapter for video, and use the provided
composite/RCA audio cable for audio. The only exception to
this rule is the NEC MultiSync® LCD4020, which
supports HDMI for both video and audio.