Cisco 4400G User Manual

Page 21

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Otherwise, if you are not satisfied, do the following:


From the DMP Display Autodetection (requires
HDMI) list, select Disable.


From the Display Standard list, select the standard
that applies in your country. For example, even
though our factory default selection is NTSC_M,
your country might use PAL instead.


From the Interface (DMP display output) list, select
the connector type and signal type that you are using.
For example, you might use SVIDEO.

If you do not know which options to select, see the
manufacturer documentation for your DMP display.

Step 2

From the Color Space list, select the absolute color
space that your DMP display uses.

Step 3

If you selected RGB as the color space, select an option
from the Color Component Order list to define the
order in which to store red, green, and blue data. This
definition is sometimes called the left-to-right additive
color model.

Step 4

(Optional) Move any or all of the sliders to compensate
for DMP display deficiencies in video (brightness,
contrast, or saturation) or audio (channel volume).