Cisco 4400G User Manual

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Cisco Digital Media System

(Cisco DMS) is a family of

products and technologies, including the ones that this
guide describes.


Digital Media Player

(DMP) is a compact, solid state,

addressable network device that delivers digital signage content
and enterprise TV content to a

DMP display

, which is any

directly attached television screen or other kind of monitor or
projector that shows media to an audience. The display might
be analog or digital and might be standard-definition or

Digital Media Player Device Manager

(DMPDM) is a

web-based graphical user interface to configure one DMP
during its initial setup, to manage one DMP in isolation, and to
deliver your media to one DMP display. DMPDM is served from
the DMP that it manages.

System administrators, content managers, and graphic designers
use a

Digital Media Manager

(DMM) software module



to centrally manage their network of DMP

devices, organize and bind assets together for signage, design
layouts, and deliver media to DMP displays. Features of the
separately licensed


software module help you to

deliver VoDs and live television broadcasts over IP networks,
configure an on-screen electronic program guide (EPG), manage
subscriptions to EPG data provider services, and program the
remote control for DMPs.