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Automatic switching between vacuum gauge head MPT 100 and pressure trans-

ducer VSK 3000

If both a vacuum gauge head MPT 100 and a pressure transducer VSK 3000 are connected to the

vacuum gauge DCP 3000 the DCP 3000 automatically displays the readings of the pressure transducer

more suitable in the current pressure range.

If the pressure transducer VSK 3000 is not configured to the VACUU•BUS address VSK 1, an automatic

switching is not possible. It then is necessary to reconfigure the address of the pressure transducer

VSK 3000 in order to enable automatic switching (see section ”Reconfiguring the pressure transducer”

in the instructions for use of the vacuum gauge DCP 3000)

Switchover points between vacuum gauge head MPT 100 and pressure transducers VSK 3000:

In case of decreasing pressure: Switching from VSK 3000 to MPT 100 at a pressure of 1 mbar.

In case of increasing pressure: Switching from MPT 100 to VSK 3000 at a pressure of 5 mbar.

Switchover point of the vacuum gauge head MPT 100

The switchover range between Pirani sensor and cold cathode sensor is between 2.1 x 10


mbar and

1.0 x 10


mbar. Switching over is carried out automatically. In case of very fast pressure decrease it is

possible that there is no pressure reading until the cold cathode starts measurement.

The active pressure transducer is shown in the status line. Furthermore, a VSK 3000 is always displayed

in decimal notation, the MPT 100 in exponential notation.

Configuration of a pressure transducer MPT 100

Remove the rubber plug from the address switch at the pressure transducer.

Use a small screw driver to adjust the address switch to „1“, „2“, „3“ or „4“.

The other addresses are not documented.

Insert rubber plug.

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