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• Avoid high heat supply (e. g. due to hot process gases).

• Consider possible reactions of the process media due to the heat generated by

the product.

• In case of residues or aggressive or condensable media install a gas washing

bottle if necessary.

Remove the protective cover and keep. Connect the vacuum gauge head via small

flange to the vacuum application.

The vacuum gauge head may be mounted in any orientation, though an orientation

is to be preferred in which condensate cannot get into the measuring chamber.

Switch the DCP 3000 off before connecting the MPT 100 via VACUU•BUS cable to

the vacuum gauge.

When the device is brought from cold environment into a warm room for operation

bedewing may occur. Allow the device to acclimatise.

Soiling and damage effect adversely the function of the vacuum gauge head.

Comply with

national safety regulations and safety requirements concerning the

use of vacuum and electrical equipment. Comply with all

applicable and relevant

safety requirements (regulations and guidelines), implement the required ac-

tions and adopt suitable safety measures.

Ambient conditions

To the best of our knowledge the equipment is in compliance with the requirements

of the applicable

EC-directives and harmonized standards with regard to design,

type and model, especially directive EN 61010-1. This directive gives in detail con-

ditions under which the equipment can be operated safely (see also IP degree of


Adopt suitable measures in case of differences, like using the equipment outdoors,

installation in altitudes of more than 1000 m above mean sea level, conductive pol-

lution or dewiness.

Operating conditions

The devices are not suitable for applications which involve dangerous or ex-

plosive gases or explosive or flammable mixtures.

Ensure that the materials of the wetted parts are compatible with the substances

processed in the vacuum system, see section “Technical data”.

Safety during operation

Adopt suitable measures to prevent the release of dangerous, toxic, explosive,

corrosive, noxious or polluting fluids, vapours and gases.

Prevent any part of the human body from coming in contact with the vacuum.

Attention: Maximum pressure reading: 1*10


mbar. Pressure values above 1000

mbar can not be displayed.

Danger of unnoticed overpressure! Risk of burst-





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