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Repair - return - DAkkS calibration

Safety and health of our staff, laws and regulations regarding the handling of dan-

gerous goods, occupational health and safety regulations and regulations regarding

safe disposal of waste require that for all pumps and other products, the “Health and

safety clearance form“, must be sent to our office fully completed and signed before

any equipment is shipped to the authorized service centre

Fax or mail a completed copy of the health and safety clearance form to us in advance.

The declaration must arrive before the equipment. Enclose a second completed copy

with the product. If the equipment is contaminated, you must notify the carrier.

No repair / DAkkS calibration is possible unless the correctly completed form is re-

turned. Inevitably, there will be a delay in processing the equipment if information is

missing, or if this procedure is not followed.
If the product has come in contact with chemicals, radioactive substances or other

substances dangerous to health or environment, the product must be decontami-

nated prior to sending it back to the service centre.

- Return the product to us disassembled and cleaned and accompanied by a cer-

tificate verifying decontamination or

- Contact an industrial cleaning and decontamination service directly or

- Authorize us to send the product to an industrial cleaning facility at your expense.

To expedite repair and to reduce costs, please enclose a detailed description of the

problem and the product’s operating conditions with every product returned for repair.

We submit repair quotations only on request and always at the customer’s expense.

If an order is placed, the costs incurred for problem diagnosis are offset from the

costs for repair or from the purchase price, if the customer prefers to buy a new

product instead of repairing the defective one.

- If you do not wish a repair on the basis of our quotation, the equipment may be

returned to you disassembled and at your expense.

In many cases, the components must be cleaned in the factory prior to repair.

For cleaning we use an environmentally friendly water-based process. Unfortunately

the combined attack of elevated temperature, cleaning agent, ultrasonic treatment

and mechanical stress (from pressurized water) may result in damage to the paint.

Please mark in the health and safety clearance form, if you wish a repaint at your

expense just in case such a damage should occur.

We will also replace parts for cosmetic reasons at your request and at your expense.

Before returning the equipment, ensure that (if applicable):

- Oil sealed pumps: Oil has been drained and an adequate quantity of fresh oil has

been filled in to protect against corrosion. Dispose according to regulations.

- Equipment has been cleaned and/or decontaminated (inside and outside).

- All inlet and outlet ports have been capped.

- Equipment has been properly packed, (if necessary, please order original pack-

aging materials at your cost), marked appropriately and the carrier has been noti-

fied of any possible contamination.

- The completed health and safety clearance form is enclosed.

We thank you in advance for your understanding of the necessity for these measures

that protect our employees, and ensure that your pump is protected in shipment.

Scrapping and waste disposal:

Dispose of the equipment and any components removed from it safely in accord-

ance with all local and national safety and environmental requirements. Particular

care must be taken with components and waste oil which have been contaminated

with dangerous substances from your processes. Do not incinerate fluoroelastomer

seals and O-rings.

- You may authorize us to dispose of the equipment

at your expense.

Notes on return to the factory



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