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General information

To operate the vacuum gauge head MPT 100, a vacuum gauge DCP

3000 is required! If using a different controller, order the instruc-

tions for use of the MPT 100 from VACUUBRAND.

Read and comply with this manual and with that of the vacuum gauge DCP

3000 before installing or operating the equipment.

Remove all packing material, remove the product from its packing-box, remove the

protective cover and keep, inspect the equipment.

If the equipment is damaged, notify the supplier and the carrier in writing within three

days; state the item number of the product together with the order number and the

supplier’s invoice number. Retain all packing material for inspection.

Do not use the equipment if it is damaged.

If the equipment is not used immediately, replace the protective cover. Store the

equipment in suitable conditions.

Intended use

Operate the device only in combination with genuine VACUUBRAND accesso-

ries. Make sure that the individual components are only connected, combined

and operated according to their design and as indicated in the instructions for


Comply with notes on correct vacuum and electrical connections, see section

”Use and operation”.

• The device is designed for

ambient and gas temperatures at the vacuum gauge

head connection of +10°C to +40°C at continuous operation. If installing the de-

vice into a cabinet or a housing check maximum temperature. Ensure that the

maximum permitted gas temperature at the sensor head (see ”Technical data”) is

not exceeded.

Use the equipment and all system parts for the intended use only, i.e. for measure-

ment of vacuum in vessels designed for that purpose.

Connecting the device

Avoid uncontrolled overpressure (e. g. when connecting to a locked or blocked

tubing system).

Risk of bursting.

Comply with max. permitted pressure at the sensor head, see section ”Techni-

cal data”.

Connect the vacuum gauge head gas tight to the vacuum application.

• Comply with

max. permitted ambient and gas temperature (see ”Technical

data”) and make sure ventilation is adequate if the equipment is installed in a

housing or if ambient temperature is elevated.

Safety information



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