Troubleshooting – VACUUBRAND MPT 200 User Manual

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Possible cause


❑ No display.

➨ Power supply (wall plug) not

plugged in, no power avail-


✔ Plug in power supply, con-

nect cable of power supply

(wall plug) to DCP 3000.

Switch on device. Check

mains fuse.

➨ DCP 3000 switched off?

✔ Switch device on.

➨ Power supply (wall plug) not

connected to DCP 3000?

✔ Connect cable of power sup-

ply (wall plug) to DCP 3000.

➨ Other causes (device defec-


✔ Contact local distributor.

❑ Malfunction of gauge

head (warning triangle

and display are flashing).

➨ MPT 100 not connected?

✔ Plug the MPT 100 into the

socket of the DCP 3000.

➨ MPT 100 or connecting cable


✔ Replace MPT 100 or con-

necting cable if necessary.

➨ Cold cathode not started?

✔ Wait for starting of the cold

cathode and stabilization


➨ Address of the MPT


✔ Remove rubber plug from the

address switch and set the

address to «1» using a screw

driver. Install rubber plug.

❑ The pressure reading

is too high in the high

vacuum range.

➨ Vacuum gauge head contami-


✔ Clean the sensor.

➨ Type of gas not considered?

✔ Comply with correction fac-


❑ The pressure reading is

too low at atmospheric


➨ Vacuum gauge head not cor-

rectly adjusted?

✔ Readjust pressure vacuum

gauge head correctly at

atmospheric pressure.

➨ Deviation within the range

of the measurement uncer-


✔ Use pressure transducer

VSK 3000 (see accessories).

❑ Displayed pressure value

is fluctuating.

➨ Pressure fluctuations due

to the set-up of the vacuum


✔ No measuring fault. Check

and change set-up of the

vacuum system if necessary.

➨ Plug of the cable to the vacu-

um gauge head not correctly

plugged in?

✔ Plug the cable correctly into

the socket at the rear of the

DCP 3000.

➨ The vacuum gauge head

MPT 100 is still in the stabili-

zation phase?

✔ Allow for a stabilization time

of 5-10 minutes.

➨ The MPT 100 was exposed

to a significant pressure


✔ Allow for a stabilization time

of 5-10 minutes.

➨ Pressure measurement at a

pressure above 50 mbar?

✔ Deviation within the range of

the measurement uncertain-

ty. Use pressure transducer

VSK 3000 (see accessories).

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