Troubleshooting, Customer service – Verity Audio Rocco User Manual

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This section describes how to solve common problems you
may encounter when using your subwoofer. Many problems
have simple solutions, so try these suggestions before you call
your dealer or Verity Audio.

This section contains problems and solutions related to the
operation of your hardware. Try the solutions in the order
listed within each section.

I hear no sound coming out of the subwoofer
1. Make sure all your audio apparatuses are plugged into a

power source and that they are turned on. Check that their
respective power indicator indicates that the power is on;

2. Make sure the Rocco power switch is “on”;
3. Make sure every interconnecting cable are connected

properly and firmly;

4. Make sure your audio equipment selectors and controls are

suitably adjusted (selector(s), volume control(s), mute
switch(es), etc.);

5. Make sure the control level on your Rocco is not turned all

the way down;

6. Make sure your software material (CD, LP, tape etc.) is

properly installed and currently running;

The bass is muddy
1. Verify the placement. Try moving the subwoofer closer to

the front wall and side wall. You can also try moving it
closer to the middle of the front wall (about 1/3 of the

2. Make sure the spikes are properly installed underneath

your subwoofer;

3. Make sure your amplitude level is not too high;
4. Make sure your processor setup has been properly


5. If the problem persists, contact your dealer.

Hums or unusual sounds
1. Turn off your Rocco, unplug all signal inputs, then turn on

your Rocco and increase the output level. If the problem
disappears, the hum is originating from another piece of

2. If the problem persists, contact your dealer.

Customer Service

Verity Audio provides customer support and service for all
Verity Audio products. If you have any questions regarding
your new product, call the Verity Audio help desk at (418) 682-
or email us at [email protected]. Help is
available Monday through Friday from 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Eastern Standard Time (EST), except on holidays.

If you seem to have an operational problem, try to solve it by
referring to the information in the Troubleshooting section. If
you cannot quickly resume normal operation, contact your
dealer or Verity Audio.