Safety instruction – Verity Audio Rocco User Manual

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February, 1


, 2004



Safety Instruction

In these safety instructions the word "unit" refers to the Verity
Audio Rocco and all its accessories.


Read Instructions — All the safety and operating

instructions should be read before the unit is operated;


Retain Instructions — The safety and operating

instructions should be retained for future reference;


Head Warnings — All warnings on the unit and in the

owner's manual should be followed;


Follow Instructions — All operating and maintenance

instructions should be followed;


Cleaning — Unplug the unit and clean it with a damp

cloth. Do not use a liquid or aerosol cleaner, or a
magnetic/static cleaning device. The unit should be
cleaned only as recommended in this manual;


Accessories — Do not use accessories unless

recommended in this manual. Do not connect or play the
unit before making sure that the associated accessories are
in good condition;


Placing or moving — Do not place the unit on an

unstable cart, stand, tripod, bracket, or table. The unit may
fall causing serious injury, and serious damage. A unit
with cart combination should be moved with care. Quick
stops, excessive force, and uneven surfaces may cause the
unit cart combination to overturn;


Ventilation — The unit control plate has openings for

ventilation that protects it from overheating.

Avoid obstructing these openings;

b. Do not place the unit close to a radiator or heat



Grounding — The active module unit has a three-

prong plug. Properly ground the unit by inserting the plug
into a grounded electrical, three-socket outlet.


Spikes — The underneath unit spikes assure a tight

coupling with the floor. They are razor-sharp and must be
manipulated with extreme care. Do not move the product
while the product spikes are installed. The product spikes
should be removed before moving the product;


Moving when Packed — The unit comes packed in

an air-transportation-approved flight case. This case is
heavy and cannot be carried by a single person.
Attempting to move it alone could cause serious injury;


Packing and Unpacking Instructions — The product

should be packed/unpacked only as indicated on the
packing/ unpacking instruction sheet;


Object and Liquid Entry — Do not expose the unit to

liquid or moisture, or spill liquids on or near it. Do not
place the unit on a wet surface. Never put objects of any
kind into the unit’s openings, as they may touch
dangerous voltage points or cause short-circuits that could
result in a fire or electric shock;


Power source — A label on the unit indicates the

correct power source for this equipment. Operate the unit
only from an electrical outlet that has the voltage and
frequency indicated on the label. Do not overload
electrical outlets or extension cords, as this can result in
a risk of fire or electrical shock.


Power cord and interconnects protection — Arrange

all connecting cables so that people cannot walk on the
cables, or place object on or against the cables, as this
may damage them. Pay particular attention to cords that
are at plugs, at electrical outlets, connected to accessories,
and at the place where the cords exit the unit.


Servicing — This unit is covered by a one year

warranty. Opening the unit will void your warranty. Refer
all servicing to an authorized Verity Audio technician.
Contact your nearest dealer for instructions. Service
should be referred to an authorized Verity Audio
technician when any of the following occurs:

There is damage to the power cord or plug;

b. Liquid enters the unit, or there is exposure to rain or



A heavy object falls on the unit, or you dropped the
unit or damaged the cabinet;

d. Operation is not normal (the instructions in this guide

describe the proper operation);


The unit exhibits a distinct change in performance;


Damage Requiring Service — Turn off the power on

the active module and unplug it from the main outlet.
Then, disconnect all signal cables from the unit, and refer
servicing to an authorized Verity Audio technician.


Replacement Parts — When replacement parts are

required, be sure the service technician has used
replacement parts that are specified by Verity Audio.
Unauthorized substitution may result in fire, electric shock
or other hazards;


Safety Check — Upon completion of any service or

repairs to this product, ask the service technician to
perform safety checks to determine that the product is in
safe operating order.