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February, 1


, 2004



Attempting to repair the product by non-

authorize technicians may void the warranty

Center: Experts agree that this the most important speaker in a
home-theater system as, it reproduces the dialogues and most
action information. The center should blend seamlessly with
the main speakers in order to create a believable sound field.
It should possess the same characteristics (frequency response,
phase response and dispersion) as the main speakers.

Surrounds: The surrounds are the rear and side loudspeakers.
They reproduce special effects or ambiance information. They
are usually much less solicited than the mains and center.
Because of that, custom installers will often install mini
monitors or wall mounted speakers. Nevertheless, for best
performance, it is strongly recommended to use all identical
loudspeakers in a manner to get a homogeneous and coherent
sound field. Surround speakers should be able to reproduce
frequencies below 60 Hz. Verity Audio does not recommend
“diffuse” surround speakers. They are good for movies, but
inadequate for multi-channel music.

Subwoofer: Any good surround system needs a high quality
subwoofer. It is the foundation for all movie soundtracks as
well as for most multi-channel SACD or DVD-Audio.

Cabinet Resonance

Even though your new Rocco is capable of outputting a
tremendous amount of energy, it runs dead quiet. Sounds like
science fiction? Hardly. The Rocco is equipped with a
complementary noise reduction system. It consists of four 5/8-
inch steel rods that firmly attach the two 12-inch woofer drivers
together. The mass-acceleration forces created by both drivers
are equal and in opposite directions. The mechanical energy is
then canceled. Even on the most demanding material you will
hardly notice that your Rocco is working. But you will certainly
ear strong, accurate and fast decay bass. Moreover, the Rocco
cabinet was designed to shape any resonance well over its
lowpass cutoff frequency. In other words, none of the Rocco
subwoofer reproduced frequencies will be able to excite the
enclosure cabinet. Your Rocco cabinet will stay quiet all the
time, giving you an amazing sonic experience.

Care of the Finish

Your Rocco subwoofer is available in two standard finishes.
High-gloss black piano and high-gloss silver finish. They are
high-quality Italian finishes. They need little care and will last
for a long time.

Unplug the unit and clean with a lint-free moistened cloth. Do
not use a liquid or aerosol cleaner.

Use a cloth brush to dust the black velvet underneath the
grilles or tempered glass. A piece of packing tape works also
very well.


Verity Audio products are offering years of trouble-free
performance. If for any reason, your speaker needs servicing,
contact your authorized Verity Audio dealer or call the Verity
Audio service department at (418) 682-9940 or email us at
[email protected]. Help is available from Monday
through Friday from 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Eastern Standard
Time (EST), except on holidays.

If you seem to have an operational problem, try to solve it by
referring to the information in the Troubleshooting section of
this manual. If you cannot quickly resume normal operation,
contact an authorized Verity Audio technician.

Before contacting your authorized Verity Audio technician,
make sure you have the following information in hand.


Serial numbers;


Place of purchase;


Nature of the problem;


Steps you have taken to solve the problem and the obtained


A return authorization number is required for servicing any of
our products and it should be clearly identified on the
packaging before any shipment to our facilities. Every unit
shipped without return authorization number will be returned
to sender.