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February, 1


, 2004



Using this Manual

Please take the time to carefully read this instruction manual
prior to installation or use of your Rocco. Your reading efforts
will be rewarded by the satisfaction of getting a full
performance achievement and a long service life. We believe
that a thorough understanding of your new high performance
subwoofer can save you a lot of anxiety.

This manual will guide you for setting up and operating your
subwoofer and will teach you how to unpack, repack, clean
and service your product. Furthermore, we have included a
few informative sections for the benefit of your own Rocco

We are pleased to count you among the most privilege owners
of a unique product that will yield a very enjoyable experience
for years to come.

Product Overview

Your new Rocco is a mature-engineered high-precision audio
component. It is the cornerstone of a design association
between worldwide audio professionals and acoustic
engineers. It has been specifically designed to provide an awe-
inspiring level of musical satisfaction in any domestic
environment. The Rocco brings a substantial improvement to
any audio or home theater system and gives its full potential
when associated with the finest ancillary equipment.

The Rocco is an innovative design integrating proprietary
components, state-of-the-art electronics and cabinet of
exquisite finishing quality and rigid structure.

It combines two high-power and low-distortion 12-inch woofer
drivers. Both are firmly secured in a vibration-cancellation
system. They are powered with advanced digital amplification
and processed with highly-linear active filtering circuitry. The
amplifier can deliver up to 700 watts at minimal heat
dissipation. The active circuit uses high-quality and high-
reliability components and integrates advanced protection
circuitry. All of that, grants the Rocco a capacity to reach high
summits of 120 dB SPL of acoustic pressure at very low

The result is a high-resolution subwoofer that gives a great
sense of liveliness, scale, and presence in the listening space.
Your Rocco, without any doubt, will sound natural and
powerful even throughout a seemingly unlimited dynamic
range even at the lowest frequencies. It will give you hours of
enjoyable performance without fatigue.

Features and Benefits

The Rocco’s ability to reproduce low frequencies with a high
degree of sound intelligibility comes from many useful

Force canceling system

Highly effective noise canceling system that reduces more than
30 dB the cabinet parasitic noise transmission and eliminates
the pendulum effect which can create important output losses.

Effortless Neutrality

High-headroom and low-distortion transducers are used in a
unique Bessel-ported cabinet, along with a high-power digital
amplifier for high dynamics at low frequency reproduction.

Long-lived Reliability

High-performance protection circuitry along with high-
reliability components allowing an extensive use for years to

Great flexibility

Ingenious crossover design for a high level of flexibility in all

Exquisite Finishing

Splendid Italian finishing (top quality polyester) of sumptuous
brilliance and impeccable coating that will last for years.

Compact Design

Accommodating size with no performance impairment that
grants dazzling sound in any listening environment.

All these features synthesize Verity Audio’s commitment for
bringing the music foundation back to its essence: Pure and
exalted emotions


The Rocco is a high-performance active subwoofer composed
of two 12-inch high-power transducers configured in a bass-
reflex cabinet. Both transducers are firmly attached together via
a vibration canceling system. The active system is composed
of a state-of-the-art high-power digital amplifier, and high-
quality filter and processor. All that is packaged in a solid
cabinet lacquered with exquisite Italian lacquer.

The vibration canceling system consists of four 5/8-inch
damped-steel rods that firmly link both woofers together. The
summation of the forces created by the acceleration and mass
product of each individual woofer cone will be zeroed because
of their opposite directions. This topology greatly reduces inner
cabinet vibrations. It then stabilizes the complete cabinet and
improves reference to ground. High-diameter and long-throw
drivers usually create enough accelerating forces to rock the
complete cabinet and create distortion and energy leakage.