Looper threading – SINGER WSL1634 User Manual

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Correct threading is important otherwise uneven stitches or thread breakage may result.

A convenient threading chart is placed on the front panel inside the front cover.

In addition, each thread guide is colored for

threading indication.
To help in threading, tweezers can be found in
the accessory box.
Threading must be carried out in the following

1. FIRST......... Upper looper

2. SECOND.... Lower looper
3. THIRD.........Right needle
4. FINALLY..... Left needle

1. Open the front cover and free arm.

2. Turn the handwheel toward you until, the

looper comes to best position for threading.

3. Pass the upper looper thread and lower

looper thread as illustrated.

Important: The thread must lie correctly

between the two discs inside the tension

4. Pull out the thread end about 10 cm (4")

long from the looper eyes. Raise the presser

foot and place threads under it, then lower
the presser foot.

Upper looper thread Lower looper thread

Lower looper

Upper looper

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