Changing the needle, Replacing the bulb, Replacing the cutters – SINGER WSL1634 User Manual

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Turn the power switch to "OFF" before
changing the needles.
Do not use any needle which is bent or blunt.

1. Turn the handwheel toward you until the

needles are fully raised.

2. Open the front cover and lower the presser


3. Using the hexagon wrench key from the

accessory box, loosen the needle clamp
screws and remove the needles. Upper left
screw for left needle and lower right screw

for right needle.

4. Insert the new needle with the flat side to the

back into the needle clamp, making sure it
is inserted as far up as possible. Tighten the
needle clamp screw firmly.

When the needles are set correctly, the left
needle is slightly higher than the right one.
If needles are not correctly inserted, skipped
stitches will result.

This machine is equipped with needle systems

H.A*1 (Needle are household type).

Machine front


Turn the power switch to "OFF" before replacing

the bulb.

1. Take the hole cap off by needle.

2. Loosen the screw until it is taken apart.
3. Pull the lamp cover off from the low part.

4. Push and twist and then remove the old


5. Insert the new bulb and twist to its position.


This machine is designed to use 15 watt bulb.
The bulb is available from your local dealer.