Replacing the cutters – SINGER WSL1634 User Manual

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Turn the power switch to "OFF" before replacing the cutter blades.

The lower cutter is made of special material and does not usually need to be replaced. However,
should it become damaged, it can be replaced by your local dealer.

To replace the upper cutter when it becomes dull:

1. Open the front cover and turn the handwheel toward you until the needles are in the lowest


2. Using the screwdriver from the accessory box, loosen the upper cutter set screw and remove the

upper cuter.

3. Replace the new upper cutter and slightly tighten the upper cutter set screw.

4. Adjust the position of upper cutter so the edge of the upper cutter overlaps 0.5-1.0mm from the

edge of lower cutter as shown below.

5. Tighten the upper cutter set screw firmly and close the front cover.

Upper cutter set screw

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