To all whom it may concern, Desgription – SINGER 95-100 User Manual

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The improper placing or renewal of the Trade-Mark “ S I N G E R ” or

any other of the Trade-Marks of The Singer Manufacturing Company

(all of which are duly Registered Trade-Marks) on any machine that

has been repaired, rebuilt, reconditioned, or altered in any way whatsoever

outside a SINGER factory or an authorized SINGER agency is forbidden.


MACHINE: 95-30 makes the lock stitch and Is designed for sewing

light and medium weight fabrics. It has a gear-driven rotary hook.

The needle bar stroke Is 1-9/64 inches.

The machine is equipped with heavy gear shafts and three plain

bearings for the arm shaft.^^^^

MACHINE 95-100 is the same as Machine 95-80 except that it is

equipped with ball bearings at both ends of the arm shaft, the in­

termediate bearing being a plain bearing.

MACHINES 95-80 and 95-100'should be run at- speeds not exceed­

ing 3500 stitches per minute for the first two or three days, af­

ter which they can be driven up to their maximum speed of 4200

stitches per minute, depending upon the nature of the work and the

ability of the operator.

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