SINGER 6104 User Manual

Page 15

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threading the machine

Raise the presser foot to release tension

discs and make sure oeedie and take-up

iever are in highest position.

♦ Place spool pin felt from accessories over

spool pin, and place spool of thread on

spool pin over felt, with spool thread re­

taining slit A on top.

♦ Keep right hand on spoo! of thread to hold

firmly in place while threading machine.

• Snap thread into upper thread guide 1.
* Pass thread through point 2.

• Thread the needle thread tension 3. Slide

thread over metal plate into tension discs.

Lead thread under needle thread tension:

and through tension wire by firmly pulling:

thread straight up.

• Pull thread to right behind point



thread up toward take-up iever.

• Pass thread through points 4 to 8 as shown.

• Thread needie from front to back and draw

about 10 cm (4 inches) of thread through

eye of needie.

I 3