Machine set-up, Materials, Procedure – SINGER 9910-WORKBOOK Quantum User Manual

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The built-in One-Step Keyhole Buttonhole measures the button’s length
and then automatically sews a beautiful buttonhole. The Keyhole

Buttonhole is an attractive closure for coats, jackets and sportswear.
It is often used on menswear.

Machine Set-up
Stitch Width:
Stitch Length:

Presser Foot:

#63, Buttonhole


Buttonhole Foot

(See manual for complete machine set-up for buttonholes)

Heavy weight woven fabric

Interfacing or tear-away stabilizer
Disappearing marking pen or tailor chalk (for marking start of buttonhole)
Button (to establish length of buttonhole)


♦ Fold fabric in half crosswise, with interfacing or stabilizer between layers.
♦ Make a mark with the disappearing marking pen to indicate where the

bottom or first bartack should be sewn.

Open the button plate and insert the button.