Machine set-up, Materials, Procedure – SINGER 9910-WORKBOOK Quantum User Manual

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A Pintuck is a small narrow “tuck” that is created by sewing with a twin

needle. It is most commonly seen on the front of blouses or lingerie.
However, it is also used to embellish and create wonderful texture for
home decorating projects and crafts.

#1, Straight Stitch

3.5, Center Needle Position
Satin Foot or Standard Foot


Twin (ju Needle*


Machine Set-Up:
Stitch Width:
Stitch Length:
Presser Foot:


Needle Setting:

3" X 3” piece of lightweight woven or batiste
Spray starch to give fabric extra body


♦ Draw or pull a thread in the fabric to create a straight sewing line.
♦ Insert the second spool pin.
♦Both spools of thread follow the same threading path until they reach

the eye of the needle. Thread each needle separately.

♦Slowly proceed to sew a row of stitching on the right

side of the fabric, maintaining a slow consistent
speed to ensure quality stitching.

♦Sew several rows of pintucks.

Note: Do not use the Automatic Needle Threader with the Twin Needle.