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carry out either o1 the above sewing tasks proceed as lollows.

(1) Refer to page 20 for special foot position setting.

(2) Turn the handwheel toward you until needles are fully raised.

(3) Open front cover and remove left needle. See page 17.

(4) Set stitch length between 1.0-2.0 mm. See page 15. Also ensure that differential control

is set at ’N' position.

(5) Adjust stitch width,as shown on page 16.

(6) If not already threaded re-thread the machine.

(7) Place fabric under presser foot and start to sew.

Always test the stitch and tension settings on scrap fabric before sewing on an actual


When either Rolled or Narrow hemming, we recommend you change the threads as

shown on page 22.

ALWAYS remember to re-set the special foot for normal serging after you have finished

your rolled edge procedure.


With a rolled edge the loops formed by the

upper looper thread should be pulled to the

underside of the fabric. This is done by setting

the tensions as shown on page 22.


.. .

For seams on sheer or lightweight fabrics, set

tensions as shown on page 22 for a balanced




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