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Page 16: How to replace knives

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10, Homi to replace needle

Needle set





Flat surface to the rear

Use Singer needle Cat. No. 2054 Available in
sizes (#10), #14.

To remove the needle:

• Be sure the power line plug is disconnected

from the wall receptacle.

Turn the machine pulley toward you until

the needle is at its highest position. Loosen
the needle set screw with a coin and remove

To replace the needle:

• Insert the needle into the needle bar hole as

far as it will go with flat surface to the rear
and securely tighten the needle set screw.

11, How to replace kriices

The stationary knife should be changed when it becomes dull.

(1) Be sure that the power line plug is disconnected from the wall receptacle.

(2) Open the looper cover and set the movable knife in the non-operating position.

(3) Loosen the stationary knife set screw and remove the stationary knife.



Push the movable knife holder to the
right as far as it will go and turn the knob
in the direction shown.

As shown above, the movable knife
will be in a non-operating position.


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