Setting up the thread guide holder, How to remove cylinder cover, To replace cover – SINGER 14U32A Ultralock User Manual

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• Setting up the thread guide holder

Thread guide

Spool pin

Swing thread guide up as far as it will go so that

thread guide holes are located just above the spool

Place the thread on the spool stand as shown


® How to remove cylinder cover





Cylinder cover

(D While pulling the cylinder cover to the left,

(D Lift cover upward and off the machine.

• How to open looper cover

0 Push the cover to the right as

far as it will go and

0 Pull cover down toward you.

Be sure looper cover is closed when sewing.

To replace cover




Place the upper on the cover under the throat

plate and press cover downward to the right.

* Do not hold the cylinder cover when inoviiig the rnachirie.

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