Setting up the thread guide hoider, Anti-spili net, Spool cap – SINGER 14T970C User Manual

Page 11: Preparation for threading

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Setting Up the Thread Guide Hoider

• Take out the thread guide from the top of

Styrofoam, and insert it as shown on the right


• This machine is shipped with the thread guide

hoider on the top of styrofoam.

• Fuiiy extend the thread guide hoider.

• The two joints on the teiescope wili ciick into

place when they are correctiy positioned.

• Center the thread guides above the spooi pins.

• Place thread over the cone adapters on the

spool pins.

Note: Your new machine is threaded to sew

Triple Cover Stitch. Refer to Page 45 for

instructions on tying on to the threads.

Anti-spili Net

• When using synthetic threads that easily spill off

the cone, slip the anti-spill net furnished with the

machine over the thread from the bottom of the

cone leaving the thread end hanging free at the
top the anti-spill net as shown at right.

Spool Cap

• When using a regular thread spool, fit the spool

cap supplied with the machine onto the thread
spool as shown at right.