Machine set up, Howto sew a cover stitch – SINGER 14T970C User Manual

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This machine can produce a 3-thread 5.6 mm wide

bottom cover stitch.

The cover stitch can be used for covering, binding
or top-stitching necklines and for hemming the

bottom, of T-shirts and sweatsuits, etc. in addition

to flat joining seams (plain seaming).

The cover stitch is most suitable for stretchy

fabrics such as knit.

It also can be used In woven fabrics such as

denim, but careful attention must be paid to the
tension settings or there is the possibility of thread

breakage and or skipping.

If you experience skipping or thread breakage

sewing denim change needles first and then adjust
the tensions little by little (1/4 number at a time).

Machine Set up



Be sure to turn off power switch.

• Open looper cover. (See page 8)

• For Triple 5.6mm cover stitch, install cover stitch

right needle (E), cover stitch middle needle (D) and

cover stitch left needle (C).

• Pass thread through needles (E), (D) and (C) and

thread cover stitch looper [yellow].

• The graduations on seam guide plate indicate the

distance from cover stitch middle needle.

Use It as a guide when positioning fabric edge.

• Close looper cover.