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Page 10: Oven operation cautions

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Oven Operation

^^Oven Operation CAUTIONS:

• Be sure all packing material is removed from oven

before turning on.

• Do not use oven for storing food or cookware.

• Many aerosol-type spray cans are EXPLOSIVE when

exposed to heat and may be highly flammable. Avoid
their use or storage near the oven.

• Prepared Food Warning:

Follow food manufacturer’s

instructions. If a plastic frozen food container and/or its
cover distorts, warps, or is otherwise damaged during
cooking, immediately discard the food and its container.
The food could be contaminated.

• Follow the manufacturer’s directions when using oven

cooking bags.

• When oven is in use, the area near the oven vent may feel

hot to the touch.

• Allow steam and hot air to escape before reaching into the

oven to check, add or remove food.

Baking and Roasting

For additional baking and roasting tips, see

“Cooking Made Simple”


Settinq the Electronic Oven Controls

for B^ing and Roasting (select models)


Press BAKE pad.

• 000 and the BAKE indicator light will appear in the


• If you press the BAKE pad and do not set an oven

temperature within 30 seconds, the program will
automatically cancel and the time of day will

reappear in the display.

2. Press the




pad until the desired oven temperature

is displayed.

• The oven temperature can be set from 170° to

550° F.

• 350° will appear in the display when either




pad is pressed once.

• Press and tap the


or ▼ pad to change the oven

temperature by 5° increments or press and






pad to change the oven temperature by 10°


• The temperature in the display will increase in

5° increments until the preset temperature is

reached. A single beep will sound when the
oven is preheated.

• Allow 10 to 15 minutes for the oven to preheat.

• To recall the preset temperature during preheat,

press the BAKE pad. The temperature will be
displayed for three seconds.

• To change the oven temperature during

cooking, press the




pad until the desired

temperature is displayed.

3. Place the food in the oven. Check food for doneness at

the minimum cooking time.

4. At the end of cooking, press the CANCEL pad to turn

the oven off and remove the food from the oven.

• The oven features an automatic shut-off. If the

oven is left on for 12 hours it will automati­
cally turn off and 000 will appear in hte
display. Press the CANCEL pad and the time
of day will reappear in the display.