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Oven Light



Disconnect power to range before replacing light bulb.

Use a dry potholder to prevent possible harm to hands

when replacing bulb.

Be sure bulb is cool before touching bulb.

Do not touch hot bulb with a damp cloth as this may cause

the bulb to break.

To replace oven light bulb:

1. Remove light bulb.

2. Replace with a 40 watt appliance bulb.

3. Reconnect power to range. Reset clock.

Leveling Legs



Be sure the anti-tip bracket secures one of the rear
leveling legs to the floor to prevent the range from
accidentally tipping.

The range should be leveled when installed. If
the range is not level, turn the plastic leveling
legs, located at each comer of the range, until
range is level.


Storage Drawer



Do not store plastic, paper products, food or
flammable materials in this drawer. The drawer
may become too warm for these items when the
oven is in use.

The storage drawer can be removed to allow you to
clean under the range.

To remove:

1. Empty drawer and pull out to the first stop position.

2. Lift up the front of the drawer.

3. Pull out to the second stop position.

4. Grasp sides and lift drawer up and out.

To replace:

1. Fit the ends of the drawer glides into the rails in the


2. Lift up front of drawer and gently push in to the first

stop position.

3. Lift drawer up again and push until drawer is closed.


Convenience Outlet

(Canadian models only)

The convenience outlet is
located on the lower left

side of the backguard. It is
useful for small appliances
such as waffle irons.




When using the outlet be
sure the appliance cord does not rest on or near the

surface element. If the surface element is turned on,

the cord and outlet will be damaged.

The convenience outlet circuit breaker may trip if the

small appliance plugged into it exceeds 10 amps. To
reset the circuit breaker, press the switch located on
the lower edge of the backguard. (See illustration.)

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