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Surface Indicator Lights

Coii Elements

There is an indicator light under each pair of control knobs.
When one or both of the surface control knobs is turned on,
the light will turn on. The light will turn off when the surface

element(s) is turned off.

Coii Eiement Surface

Lift-up Porcelain Cooktop

To prevent the cooktop from discoloring or staining:

Clean cooktop after each use.

Wipe acid or sugar spills as soon as the cooktop has

cooled as these spills may discolor or etch the

Your range features an upswept porcelain cooktop that can be
lifted up for convenient access to the area under the cooktop.

To lift cooktop:

When cool, grasp the front edge of the

cooktop. Gently lift up until the two support rods at the front


To lower cooktop:

Hold the front edge of the cooktop and

carefully push back on each support rod to release. Then
gently lower the top into place. The support rods will slide

into the range frame.

• When an element is turned on, it will cycle on and off

to maintain the heat setting.

• Coil elements are self-cleaning.

• Do not immerse in water.

To remove:

When cool, raise element. Carefully pull out

and away from receptacle.

To replace:

Insert terminals on the element into receptacle.

Guide the element into place. Gently press down on the
outer edge of the element until it sits level on the drip bowl.


Drip Bowls

The drip bowls, located under each surface element, are
designed to catch boilovers and must always be used.
Absence of these bowls during cooking may damage wiring

or other parts underneath the cooktop.

To prevent the risk of electric shock or fire, never line drip
howls with aluminum foil.

Drip bowls will craze over time, if overheated. This is
permanent. However, it will not affeet cooking perfor­


To protect drip bowl finish:

• Avoid using high heat settings for long periods of


• Do not use oversized cookware. Pans should not

extend more than 1-2 inches beyond the element.

• When home canning, use the Canning Element (Model

CEl). Contact your Maytag dealer for details.

• Clean frequently. (See cleaning section, page 13.)