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H Surface Cooking

^ Surface Cooking CAUTIONS;

Before Cooking

• Always place a pan on the surface unit before you turn

it on. To prevent damage to range, never operate

surface unit without a pan in place.

Do not use the cooktop as a storage area for food or


During Cooking

Be sure you know which knob controls which surface

unit. Make sure you turned on the correct surface unit.

Begin cooking on a higher heat setting then reduce to

a lower setting to complete the operation. Never use a
high heat setting for extended cooking.

Never allow a pan to boil dry. This could damage the

pan and the appliance.

Never touch cooktop until it has cooled. Expect some

parts of the cooktop, especially around the surface
units, to become warm or hot during cooking. Use
potholders to protect hands.

After Cooking

Be sure surface element and surface indicator light are

off after cooking.

• Clean up messy spills as soon as possible.

Other Tips

To eliminate the hazard of reaching over hot surface

elements do not install cabinet storage directly above a


If storage is provided, limit it to items that are infre­
quently used and can be safely stored in an area

subjected to heat.

Temperatures may be unsafe for items such as volatile
liquids, cleaners or aerosol sprays.

Aerosol-type spray cans are EXPLOSIVE or highly

flammable when exposed to heat. Avoid their use or

storage near an appliance.

• Do not leave any items, especially plastic items, on the

cooktop. The hot air from the vent may ignite flam­

mable items, melt or soften plastics, or increase pres­
sure in closed containers causing them to burst.

Do not allow aluminum foil, meat probes or any other

metal object, other than a pan on a surface element, to

contact heating elements.

Surface Controls

Use to turn on the surface elements. An infinite choice of
heat settings is available from LOW to HIGH. The knobs
can be set on or between any of the numbered settings.

Setting the Controls

1. Place pan on surface element.

2. Push in and turn the knob in either direction to the desired

heat setting.

• The backguard is marked to identify which element

the knob controls. For example, 'lllll"ll|ll' indicates right

front element.



Suggested Heat Settings

The size and type of cookware will affect the heat setting.
For information on cookware and other factors affecting
heat settings, refer to

“Cooking Made Simple”



Uses___________________________ ______



Med. Hi




Med, Lo


Use to bring liquid to a boil, blanch, or reach
pressure in a pressure cooker. Always reduce

setting to a lower heat when liquids begin to
boil or foods begin to cook.

Use to brown meat, heat oil for deep fat
frying, saute or fry. Maintain fast boil for
large amounts of liquids.

Use to maintain moderate to slow boil for
large amounts of liquids and for most frying

Use to continue cooking covered foods and to
maintain pressure in most pressure cookers

and stew or steam operations.

Use to keep foods warm and melt chocolate
and butter.