SINGER W910 User Manual

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This buttonhole eliminates the needle for pivoting the
fabric. It is used most often on light and medium woven
fabric. The narrowest buttonhole is made with stitch
width control at 3 and the widest one is done with it
at 5. The stitch length control should be at "BUTTON^
HOLE” or near 0 not to without stop feeding action.

With stitch width at your desired position between 3

and 5, a buttonhole can be made by simply turning
stitch pattern selector from buttonhole position 1 to
those 2, 3 and 4 in sequence on the stitch pattern
selector panel.

1. Set stitch pattern selector at buttonhole (1). Lower

needle into the mark at the top left end of button­
hole. Lower buttonhole foot and sew on the left side
of buttonhole until you reach the bottom end of

■ buttonhole.

2. Turn pattern selector to buttonhole (2-4) and take

just a few stitch to bartack the bottom end of button


3. With needle up, turn the pattern selector to the

buttonhole (3) to sew on the right side of buttonhole.
Your machine is preset to balance both forward and
reverse stitches on most materials, but certain fine
materials may require a slight adjustment to balance
of them. If the stitch density in this step is rougher
than of the left side of buttonhole, shift automatic
reverse stitch tuner to the right


and if it is heavier

than left side one, shift it to the left (—).

4. With the needle out of the cloth, turn again to the

buttonhole (4) position and complete the buttonhole
by bartacking just a few stitch on the top end of

5. To lock the stitch, make sure the needle is out of the

fabric and set the pattern selector at ordinary sewing
position, the stitch width control at 0, and feed dog
height down. Then take a few stitches.


To prevent cutting through the bartack insert a

straight pin through the bartack and cut buttonhole

Pattern: |]-D-[]-0

Length: Buttonhole

Width: 3-5

Feed Dog: High-Dovun

Pressure: Full
Foot: Buttonhole Foot

Stretch Stitch: IW