SINGER W1466 User Manual

Page 10

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Raise needle bar to highest position, and Slide

coyer plate to the left. See 14. Fig. 1 Hold the
boobin case latch, D, Fig. 9, between the thumb

and forefinger of the left hand, with at least
three inches of thread running from the top of

the bobbin case to the right. Insert and center

the bobbin case on the stud of the shuttle body,

(C) . Be sure the bobbin case finger, (E), is

opposite the shuttle race notch (A). Press the

bobbin case (B) into the shuttle as far as
possible until latch catche son the center post of

the shuttle. THEN release the bobbin case latch,

(D) . Press bobbin case again after latch has

been released to make sure the bobbin case is
locked securely in place. Close the cover plate.