SINGER W1466 User Manual

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Buttonholss of various lengths can be made easily

by just turning the buttonhole control knob.

To establish the correct length buttonhole required, add

M inch to the cutting space for bar tacks.

To obtain the length of the cutting space, the opening

through which the button passes is measured by adding the
width “A” and thickness “B” of the button (Fig. 25 A)

First mark the beginning and end of the buttonhole on

the fabric with a basting Line or tailor’s chalk Make one
or two buttonholes on scrap fabric (following directions

below) to be sure the machines adjustments are correct.

(1) Set zigzag stitch width control at 0.
(2) Replace presser foot with special purpose buttonhole

foot. It provides maximum visibility and allows
closely spaced stiches to feed evenly (Fig. 24)

(3) Set stitch length knob 6 (Fig. 1) as near 0 as

possible without stopping the feeding action.

(4) Set buttonhole control knob (Fig. 27) at 0 and

then to the first buttonhole setting, number 1.

This will set the width of the buttonhole sides.

(5) Lower needle .carefully into the mark on the

. fabric indicating the start of the buttonhole.

Lower presser foot and sew full length of left
hand side of the buttonhole (Fig. 26, Step 1).


Fig 24



Fig. 25A